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The Community Treehouse is a non-profit program that provides a safe and fun environment for children and parents to learn and grow together. 

What is the Treehouse? The Treehouse is a play/support center where you can meet other parents and your kids can meet new friends. Moms, dads and even grandparents and nannies come and play in our wonderful playrooms. Bring kids from 0-7 years old and they will squeal with excitement seeing the climbing wall, slides plus a dress-up and baby area. The kids  love to pretend, build and even excavate outside on the huge sand pile. The Treehouse has become the ultimate place to meet your community and have fun at the same time.   


But there is more.... Do you need to work or study and are not ready for childcare?? Come join our parent work time lounge upstairs, where you can work some mornings and we play with your kids in the playrooms. it is the best of both worlds!!   

But the treehouse is not just a playplace, we also strive to be a support center for our parents. Play/support groups, ie. baby and me classes, Tumbling Tots, Family Yoga, Kindersprouts, and the PIE group (for parents with neuro-diverse children) are all focused on the needs of our community.

"We are working together to strengthen our community one family at a time." 

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Become A Member

We have changed to a membership-only program. You will need a door code to get into the Treehouse. However, this gives you the opportunity to enter the Treehouse during all building business hours and most Saturdays and Sundays by appointment!! 

"Pay as you can" and scholarships are available. 

Click the Become A Member button above to find out more information about our membership benefits. 

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