Play/support groups


The Bump club-pregnancy support group

Baby and Me support group-Meet other new moms with new babies. 

La Leche league- Facilitated by Melissa Reitman, PT

"the Caterpillars" -playgroup for 1-2 year olds. Meet other parents with children of similar age and grow your community. 

Kindersprouts -let's get our preschoolers ready for kindergarten together. Each week we will focus on a new letter through engaging activities, books, songs and more  

Tumbling Tots -Come sing, dance and have fun with other 1-5 year olds and their parents.. 

Momma round table 

Ladies Night Out 

Parents Date night

Parent lounge co-working times 

The PIE group -Support group for parents of children with special needs. Facilitated by Denisa Marshall, the Special needs teacher at our wonderful Middle school. Come benefit from the experiences and support from proffesionals as well as other parents 

Most playgroups are peer facilitated and are subject to change days and times. Please call 970-444-0873 for the updated times and dates.